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At BRRRR Mentors we craft one-on-one sessions for each client that strengthens their investment mindset. We clarify their real estate vision, reduce fear, develop practice project management skills, and improve immediate actionable guidance.

BRRRR Mentors combines the best of experienced real estate coaching with tangible and evidence-based mentorship.

In an industry saturated with unreliable information, BRRRR Mentors distills the myths, saving clients valuable time and money. 

 From the new real estate investor ready to start the BRRRR Method (Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat) investment approach to the wary investor with several properties, BRRRR Mentors empowers clients to achieve actionable investing gains with confidence and care.

A la Carte Pricing Options 

(On-Demand, Same Day Scheduling)

1 session, 30 minutes; $195 USD (Weekdays)

1 session, 1 hour; $295 USD (Weekdays)

Getting Started with a BRRRR Mentor

A green background allows you to see the gold / yellow outline of one person helping another person up. They seem to be on a mountain or hill of some kind with a single cloud in the left hand corner. This represents the benefits of having a mentor.

BRRRR Mentors offers personalized one-on-one sessions for clients ready to grow their real estate portfolio utilizing the BRRRR Strategy. 

We offer a-la carte on demand sessions that can be booked same day within hours so that you get guidance as needed.  

We also offer our one-on-one sessions as packages for those who want continuous guidance while they are executing their real estate projects.

Benefits of having a BRRRR Mentor

  • Increase & strengthen investor lens
  • Experienced knowledge that lead you to make better decisions
  • Less stress
  • Accelerate real estate investing journey
  • Learn things faster
  • Get unstuck on critical decisions
  • Minimize potential for expensive learning and losses
  • Have someone to discuss ideas and thoughts with that is experienced in the craft 
  • Mastermind with an experienced investor
  • Achieve positive real estate investing results
  • Achieve financial freedom
  • Overcome fears and achieve growth
  • Build a problem solving mindset
  • Executable exit strategies
  • Accountability partner

Investing without a Mentor

  • Lose valuable time
  • Lose a lot of money
  • May have short real estate investing career
  • Stressed out with no one to turn to for guidance
  • Potential to have Five to Six Figure losses
  • Uncertainty about what to do when problems arise 
  • Quit real estate investing after first project
  • Unable to solve problems
  • Fear, Stress, & Anxiety
  • Feeling stuck
  • Less confidence about decisions


Do you offer mentorship in other areas of real estate investing?

Yes, in addition to the BRRRR Method (Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat) we are experienced and knowledgeable in Fix N Flip, Buy N Hold, Residential New Construction, and short-term rentals real estate investing strategies.

Do you offer site visits or project management services?
While BRRRR Mentors does not offer site visits or direct project management services, our clients are better positioned to achieve positive gains by being more attuned, knowledgeable, and engaged at every stage of the real estate investing process.

About the Founder

Owen has many talents and throughout the years those talents accumulated into a power house for investing.  It’s important to adjust, adapt, and take action when things around you are changing.  He has grown from the BRRRR Strategy (Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat) to executing the BBRRR Strategy (Buy Land, Build Multifamily, Rent, Refinance, Repeat) during a pandemic!

Some of Owen’s strengths are: 

Active Investor– Practical firsthand knowledge in a variety of real estate strategies.

Chess Player– Strategic and Tactical Mindset

Engineer– Systematic approach to Problem Solving

MBA in Finance- Comfort with numbers 

Key Corporate Experiences: Managing Personnel in Fast Paced Manufacturing Environments, Project Management, and Budgetary Responsibilities.

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